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Aisha Yesufu reacts as naira hits all-time low (video)

Aisha Yesufu reacts as naira hits all-time low (video)

Popular Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has taken to Twitter to cry out about the spike in the dollar to Naira exchange rate.

A dollar is currently being exchanged for N920 at the parallel market.

In a video she posted, Aisha said that some persons claimed that they ‘’dodged a bullet” but instead ended up with a ‘’nuclear blast.”

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While tackling the government policies that have led to the spike in the exchange rate, Yesufu said:

“Life comes hard at everyone. You do anyhow, you see anyhow. They said they escaped bullet, now they found themselves in a nuclear blast. Dollar is heading to N1000. I just to tweet it then. I would say the way we are going, we might find ourselves at dollar N2000. That is when some people will now say ‘’Maybe Buhari was not that bad since the opther one was based on how much dollar is’. In Nigeria, the way to be competent is to ensure the person after you is worse. That is how will do it.

In terms of nation building, in a situation like this, it is understandable if you are having hardship because if you need to take certain decisions it must come with hardship but when you are having hardship with no clear cut plans, the policies are not aligning, they are just haphazard, then you are in a bigger problem.

Watch the Video below:

aisha yesufu

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