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Aninri Report: Inside story of abandoned schoolchildren in Nenwe, Enugu (shocking video)

Aninri Report: Inside story of abandoned schoolchildren in Nenwe, Enugu (shocking video)

Amebo Community School, Nenwe in Aninri

The little schoolchildren of Central School Uhueze Nenwe in Aninri local government area, Enugu State, have cried to the State Governor Peter Mbah as their main classroom building is about to collapse.

Aluta recalls that the council area has witnessed numerous ugly incidents in the past where public buildings, out of sheer negligence, collapsed and smashed natives to untimely death. One of such was the tragic deaths at Central School Oduma sometimes in recent memory.

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Speaking with Aluta in an interview, a teacher at Central School Nenwe, Mrs. Okolo Joy, said the little children needed help at many fronts.

The two buildings which house both the pupils and the teachers are in utter disrepair, with half of the children having to sit on bare floor as there are no seats in the classrooms.

This is happening at the time when Aninri council Chairman, Hon. Bennett Ajah, has fully renovated and equipped two primary school buildings and is putting up two other big primary school buildings all in his Okpanku hometown.

A Nenwe native who does not wish to be named in print confided in Aluta that several attempts have been made to draw Chairman’s attention to Nenwe – but he has shunned these pleas.

Watch the video below:

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“This is not time to sit on the fences. Those who stand for and wish to defend darkness must show themselves now. Let those of us who love fair play in Aninri stand at a side.

“Igwe Menia (Hon. Bennett Ajah) should stop being bias. This is not fair.

“Nenwe is larger than Okpanku three times. Why is he forgetting other towns? Is Okpanku the only town in Aninri? Look, Okpanku people are our brothers and sisters and we love them. What we’re saying is that the right thing should be done.

“Why treating others like some idiots! In Nenwe we are not idiots. Other members of this Aninri – Oduma, Ndeabor, are not idiots. Why is Menia punishing us? Why is he dividing this beautiful council? This is bad,” the source said.

However, Nenwe has made up its mind on what to do, another native said under anonymity.

“Its obvious that the three councilors from Nenwe are deaf and dumb councilors; they don’t know their jobs.

“Our joy today is that our son Magnus (Hon. Magnus Edeh) is in the House of Assembly. We’ve decided to channel our needs to His Excellency Governor Peter Mbah through Magnus,” the native said.

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Hon. Edeh, member representing Aninri constituency in Enugu State House of Assembly, is from Uhueze Nenwe, the location of the abandoned primary school.

Having attracted jobs, electricity transformers and paying agricultural programmes for his people in the space of three months, he would certainly fix Central School Uhueze Nenwe if Bennett Ajah still refuse to do it, according to multiple insider sources.

Jude Ogbonna

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