August 18 2023

Violent husband proudly beats his wife silly, makes video of it

A blackpool violent husband beat his wife silly left with a life-changing brain injury has said the emotional damage was "just as horrific".

A woman who was almost “unrecognisable” after being attacked by her partner and left with a life-changing brain injury has said the emotional damage was “just as horrific”.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, had her jaw and eye socket broken in the attack in December by Karl Machin, 44, which he filmed.

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She said she wanted to speak out to help other survivors of abuse.

Machin, of Blackpool, pleaded guilty and was jailed at Preston Crown Court.

He admitted grievous bodily harm with intent and was sentenced to seven years and two months and given a 10-year restraining order.

The woman’s injuries were so severe one of the officers thought she had dyed red hair because of all the blood, Lancashire Police said.

The force said the “violent thug”, of Charles Street, filmed the “shocking” and “brutal” attack in the victim’s home on his mobile phone and she was left “virtually unrecognisable”.

The assault left her with a broken jaw, concussion, a brain injury resulting in memory issues, a speech impairment, a broken orbital floor in her left eye socket and she lost a number of teeth, police said.

Flashbacks and nightmares’
She also suffered nerve and tissue damage on her face which has affected her smile, two black eyes and bruising to her legs, ribs and back.

In a victim impact statement read in court, the woman said: “Although I received significant physical injuries the emotional and psychological damage to me has been just as horrific.

“The trauma and psychological distress this has caused me is immeasurable.

“I suffer with flashbacks, nightmares.”

She said she was also experiencing trauma responses, anxiety and “very distressing” panic attacks.

The woman added she was trying her best to “regain some of the old me back” but she felt her “safety and peace of mind” had been robbed from her and she had been “irrevocably changed” with some of the best parts of her “obliterated”.

Det Con Jo Clement said Machin had subjected the woman to a “brutal, severe and life-changing assault” and was “clearly an extremely violent individual.”

She praised the victim “for having the courage to speak about what happened to her and to be prepared to go through the court process” and hoped it would encourage other survivors to come forward.

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