October 10 2023

“Men self, nawao,” lady exclaims as boyfriend buy 3k pepper for stew

A lady expresses shock in viral video as she shows off the truckload of N3K pepper her boyfriend bought to fry stew.

The lady sent her boyfriend to get the cooking stuff they’d need to make stew.

To her shock, her boyfriend bought a large quantity of pepper and she wondered what exactly he intends to do with all of it.

She could be heard advising women never to send a man to market because of mistakes like this.

Reactions trailed the video …

@kay opined: “He is trying to show you pepper.”

@mistysmart1 admonished: “don’t say a man, say your bf, many of us know how to cook, I cook very well”

@josephonyeka stated: “are u not yoroba girl…. he knows what he’s doing 👀👀”

@Ifii❤️❤️❤️❤️ wrote: “that’s how many husband said I should give him list and he will buy it…. the way I declined, make we no quarel abeg”

@chelseaconner41 remarked: “Nah the quantity of pepper wey him later show you be that 😂”

@Lifesaver 🥰 said: “Even person wey no get 2k for acct go blame the bf 😂”