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Daughter of Yul Edochie reacts as May threw away her wedding ring

Daughter of Yul Edochie reacts as May threw away her wedding ring

Danielle Edochie’s message on her mother’s page sparked outrage after she bravely stepped out without her wedding ring to Yul Edochie.

The drama of the Edochie’s family began after Yul Edochie unveiled his second wife Judy Austin and a child, he had with her.

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The drama had heated up with the dreaded month of sorrow when the couple lost their first child, Kambilichukwu in March.

There have been rumors that May Edochie filed a divorce lawsuit against her husband and brought him and his second wife to court for infidelity.

Fuel was added to the already fiery speculations as May Edochie was spotted without her wedding ring while out for a social function.

Despite this, her daughter, Danielle, did not hesitate to leave a comment on her mother’s page, consolidating her mother’s hotness and beauty with a fire emoji.

“Chokest”, the beautiful girl commended her mother’s photos on Instagram.

_nancyvictor said: “Keep being a good daughter beautiful, you and your siblings plus God is all she got.”

Believe_calm commented: “U are such a wonderful daughter, just keep praying for ur mom.”

Judy_the_adulturous_woman added: “Thank you Queen MAY for teaching our young girls that keeping a man that doesn’t want to be kept isn’t all that is to life..thank you for taking your Stan and not agreeing to co wife with someone that is soo gutterr and razzz.”

Jude Ogbonna

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