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Emotions as Nigerian lady credits accounts of all her family members with huge amount of money

Emotions as Nigerian lady credits accounts of all her family members with huge amount of money

A Nigerian lady recently shared a video showcasing her family’s reactions after she generously credited their bank accounts.

The viral video, which has left social media users in stitches, captured the entertaining expressions of gratitude that poured in through their family WhatsApp group.

The video features the generous sister, whose identity remains undisclosed, as she sent various sums of money to her family members.

One of the highlights of the video was her sister’s enthusiastic audio message, in which she hailed her sibling as professional hypeman would and affectionately referred to her as the “only one Lizzy.”

This sister’s infectious energy and humorous commentary left everyone in stitches.

Not to be outdone, another sibling affectionately dubbed the generous lady as “odogwu.”

However, what truly surprised and delighted viewers was the response from the lady’s brother.

Instead of a typical audio message, he simply played the infectious “dorime” song, known for its catchy tune and popular dance challenge that took social media by storm.

Netizens Reactions…
@Mboti said: “Abeg wer yhu see money give all family members.”

@Rare//being said; “Okay which work you Dey do.” Baddest-

@Phina said; “You no fit vex for this kind house ajeh.”

@_justnancy0 said: “Your family na cruise.”

@scentbydura said: “Na the dorime off me pass. Odogwu doings.”

@Widner Durff Monica said; “Is the dorime for me, send your kid bro acc he deserves it.”

@peace said: “Kid bro e reach to dorime.”

@Snow white: “See as I burst laff immediately I hrd dorime God bless you.”

@Gifted said: “Why kid bro Dey always do like this.” gift said: “Your family is very appreciative.”

@Precious said; “Omo I just dey laugh see pure love.”

@kizitobtc said: READ ALSO Kid, 2, solves JSS 3 maths questions on whiteboard, writes answers with confidence, dances in joy “Come be like say na only me no Dey family group.”

@OHEMAA WAV said: “The feeling wen they actually appreciate the little u give them. God bless u.”

Jude Ogbonna

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