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Outcry as Lagos Govt. locks a lounge and shut customers inside

Outcry as Lagos Govt. locks a lounge and shut customers inside

Officials of the Lagos State Government on Sunday night shut down a lounge in the Lekki area of the state while customers having fun inside.

The officials identified themselves as workers from the state Ministry of Environmental and Water Resources.

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The customers were in the lounge having a nice time when the officials arrived and ordered them to leave as the place was to be shut down.

According to the State Commissioner for Environmental and Water Resources, Wahab Tokunboh, the lounge and other places in the area were sealed for various environmental infractions.

Watch a video showing the officials asking the customers to leave before shutting the lounge …

In other news, a Nigerian wife created a buzz on social media when she was seen showcasing various dance moves with her legs while her husband watched from a close distance.

In the video, the wife dropped her bag and took off her shoes before beginning to dance joyfully, all while her husband observed.

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