August 18 2023

PSG goalkeeper, Sergio Rico leaves sick bed healthier

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper, Sergio Rico has been discharged from the hospital nearly three months after he sustained a head injury following an accident with a loose horse.

The 29-year-old suffered major blows to the head and neck as he was trampled by a horse, and spent 36 days in intensive care as medical staff tried to safe his life.

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Rico was cleared to leave Hospital Virgen del Rocio in Seville after his recovery from the May 28 accident near the southern Spanish city, where Rico used to play for Sevilla. Rico was headed to a mass with his relatives when the accident happened.

An emotional Sergio Rico hailed his wife’s support and dedication as he left the hospital for the first time on Friday following his miraculous recovery from a life-threatening accident.

‘I feel quite well,’ he told reporters outside the Seville-based hospital. ‘I wanted to say a few words to thank my family and my wife. I wanted to thank the football world that has sent me messages of support.

‘Everyone who has stopped for a minute to give me support, I thank them. Also, of course, the staff of the Hospital Virgen del Rocio, who are professionals of the highest order.

‘I feel very emotional. Thanks above all to my wife, who has spent almost 20 hours a day with me.’

For much of the intervening time between the near-fatal accident and today’s heartwarming development, Rico’s prospects did not look especially positive.

In May, the former Fulham stopper travelled back to his native Seville to observe one of Spain’s biggest religious festivals in El Rocio, Andalusia.

But was knocked unconscious on the morning of May 28 when his horse delivered two devastating blows – one to the head and another to his neck – after Rico is believed to have fallen off as the horse became agitated.

According to the report filed by local police, which has been seen by The Athletic, doctors later noted that if the injury was half a centimetre deeper, he would have died instantly.

Despite a delayed emergency response, the Spanish international was attended to by two passers-by who happened to be nurses and helped administer first aid.

He was then taken to hospital where he was admitted to the intensive care unit, sedated, intubated, and stabilised.

In total Rico spent 19 days in a coma before beginning on his incredible route to a full recovery. In June, Silva revealed that he had begun interacting for the first time since the accident.

“He is improving. He communicates, Sergio communicates,’ she told Antena 3. ‘He communicates. He calls us by name and everything, he knows perfectly who all of us who enter are and has a great memory.”

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