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Speed Darlington embarks on campaign against “runs girls”

Speed Darlington embarks on campaign against “runs girls”

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington, has embarked on a new campaign to expose women who fail to honour agreements with men after receiving transport money.

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The artist has announced that he will charge a fee of ₦10,000 to reveal the identities of these women and share evidence of their alleged fraudulent behaviour.

Frustrated by the incident and sensing an opportunity to address what he views as a growing issue, Speed Darlington has taken a bold step into advocacy territory.

In a video that quickly went viral, the US-based rapper expressed his dissatisfaction with women who accept money from men under the pretence of visiting, only to backtrack on their agreement.

He believes that such actions constitute a form of fraud, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the financial exchange.

Speed Darlington’s campaign involves interested men depositing ₦10,000 into his Nigerian bank account, providing evidence of payment, and sharing relevant details such as photos and chat histories.

In return, the rapper promises to publicly expose the women involved in these alleged fraudulent transactions, aiming to bring attention to their actions and deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

Watch the video below:

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