September 8 2023

Hope! Ekweremadu ‘boys’ regroup, plot to seize power in Enugu

The fallen “sons and daughters” of former Senator Ike Ekweremadu (best known as Ekweremadu boys) appear to be preparing for a comeback to power after suffering crushing defeats in the 2022 election seasons.

This morning, as usual, they have issued anonymous statements, berating their imaginary enemies the chief of whom is the Chairman of Aninri local government area in Enugu State, Hon. Bennett Ajah.

“Hon. Benneth Ajah, the chairman of Aninri local government area is the most wicked and corrupt council chairman in Enugu state.

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“Very close to the end of his tenure he cannot boasts of single project in Aninri, yet he is shamelessly scheming to return for a second tenure.

“Those concerned should make sure that he doesn’t smell that seat again,” read the statement which was signed by nonexistent figure, Dimkpa.

What is the date for next Enugu State Council election?

After Enugu State conducted council elections on February 2022, Bennett Ajah was selected for Aninri in the constitutional two-year term.

Transition date should be fixed somewhere in the days of March 2024 but, according to speculations, Governor Peter Mbah is most likely to opt for Caretakers Committee, not elections, to run the 17 council areas of the State.

“There is so much hassle this 2023. It is too much for one man. Yes. His Excellency Peter Mbah is most likely not going to conduct LG elections for now.

“We want to make the best decision for the State, and we shall be settling for Caretakers Committee, God’s willing,” a source from Lion Building told ALUTA EXPRESS.

ALUTA EXPRESS has reported the impunity, rascality, propaganda and outright wickedness in Aninri politics on which Senator Ike Ekweremadu had presided.

It is on record that a certain “Ekweremadu boy,” a popular traditional ruler in Aninri, has diverted about 200 sets of computer meant for schools in the zone. This supposed elder and leader who should be concerned about the deteriorating education standard in Aninri sold these government properties and kept the money for himself.

It happened at the time when Hon. Chinedu Otaka was the Member representing Aninri in Enugu State House of Assembly. He knew the Igwe and that he stole the computers. Ike Ekweremadu also knew the Igwe and that he stole the computers, inside sources confided in ALUTA EXPRESS.

Chinedu Otaka has no moral right to be parading himself as a unifier in Aninri after having run the council area into the mud, said a respected chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the area.

“Take a look at the photo (referring to viral photo shots of Ekweremadu boys). All of them there are, to borrow your language, fallen sons and daughters, Ekweremadu boys.

“They would never have amounted to anything if Ike wasn’t looking for stooges, mere placeholders of political slots.

“But I thank God. The last elections exposed them all. If they like, let them go village by village. They are enemies of the people and everyone knows them whenever they pass. They stink,” the chieftain said.