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Trump now faces 91 criminal cases in different criminal cases

Trump now faces 91 criminal cases in different criminal cases

Former President Donald Trump has been charged with 91 crimes in four criminal cases, in four different jurisdictions.

The new indictment returned Monday by the Fulton County grand jury accuses the Republican frontrunner of 13 crimes.

The Atlanta-based prosecution is one of four criminal cases he is facing – two federal, and two state cases.

In the New York case brought by Manhattan prosecutors, Trump has been charged with 34 counts stemming from the alleged 2016 campaign hush money scheme.

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Also he faces 40 charges in special counsel Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago documents case, after a superseding indictment was unveiled last month.

Smith’s separate federal election subversion case against Trump levied four criminal charges against the former president.

Overview of the Trump cases

• Manhattan prosecutors’ hush-money case: 34 counts against the former President

• DOJ special counsel’s classified documents case: 40 counts

• DOJ special counsel’s election subversion case: 4 counts against him

• Atlanta prosecutors’ Georgia election meddling case: 13 counts

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