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Why and how I ran mad once – Actress Ronke Ojo

Why and how I ran mad once – Actress Ronke Ojo

In a heartfelt conversation on the program “Talk To B”, veteran Nollywood actress Ronke Ojo opened up about the profound psychological toll her failed marriage had on her.

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She expressed that the emotional upheaval was so intense that she almost lost her sanity.

Ronke shared a distressing incident where she contemplated leaving her ex-husband’s house completely naked as a desperate cry for help.

The weight of her broken marriage had pushed her to the edge, leaving her emotionally unstable and on the verge of a breakdown.

She said; “At a point, I almost lost my sanity, like mo fe ya were. I got out of my ex-husband’s room naked, I was going to walk outside naked. It was Bunmi, may her soul rest in perfect peace who drew me back. I was about to walk out butt naked.”

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During her darkest moment, Ronke Ojo’s late friend, the beloved actress Orisabunmi, played a pivotal role in preventing a potentially devastating situation. Orisabunmi, who has since passed away, stepped in and stopped Ronke from leaving her ex’s house in such a vulnerable state.

Ronke expressed her gratitude for her friend’s intervention, acknowledging that it was Orisabunmi’s support that pulled her back from the brink of making a decision she would have regretted.

The bond between the two actresses was evident in this critical moment of need.

Reflecting on her harrowing experience, Ronke Ojo urged women to discern the distinction between a man who lacks financial means and a man who lacks care for his partner.

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She emphasized that the mental torture she endured should never be inflicted upon anyone.

She added; “That mental torture is not good for anyone. Another thing is, there is a difference between a man who doesn’t have any money and a man who doesn’t care, if a man doesn’t care it’s bad.”

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