August 27 2023

Bbnaija All Stars: Whitemoney leaks CeeC’s secrets in viral video

Whitemoney, a contestant on the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition show, confided in fellow housemate Neo about his reasons for ignoring CeeC and another housemate named Doyin.

Whitemoney expressed his frustrations, saying that he found CeeC to be acting in a self-important manner, despite not having the grounds for it.

Watch the video below:

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He described her as “stupid” and “dumb” and even went so far as to suggest she might be “possessed.”

During the conversation, Whitemoney clarified to Neo that he only mentioned this issue once, saying, “that time I came to your room, that’s the only thing I ever said.”

Neo seemed curious if Whitemoney planned to apologize, to which Whitemoney responded by questioning CeeC’s perceived importance and mentioned that he was merely going to pick up slippers when he entered her room.

Neo inquired about what Whitemoney told CeeC, and Whitemoney indicated that he didn’t utter a single word to her, reiterating his negative perception of her behavior.

Neo further commented on the situation, highlighting that CeeC was studying law, implying that her behavior was unexpected given her education.

In Whitemoney’s word to Neo, he said: “that time I came to your room, that’s the only thing I ever said. This girl is possessed.”

Neo: “Shey Dey wan do am make you come apologize”

Whitemoney: “I was going to pick up slippers. To think in want to talk to you (CeeC) are you that important?, you’re not important.”

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Neo: “Wetin you tell am”

Whitemoney: “I didn’t. say a word. She’s so stupid and so dumb and you read law.”

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