September 2 2023

Bobrisky bows to pressure, reveals how much he spent to get his gorgeous curve

Due to popular demand, cross dresser Bobrisky has finally revealed the cost of his BBL surgical procedure. In a question and answer session with comedian and media personality Egungun, he revealed the worth of of his hefty bum.

Let’s recall that Bobrisky recently had a BBL surgery and flaunted it a few days after his father’s death.

He told the interviewer, Egungun that his BBL had cost a whopping 4.5 million naira. He also revealed that he had gotten the surgical procedure done in Nigeria.

When asked about the cost of his shoes, he told the interviewer that he was wearing only a slippers underneath the birthday gown. The gorgeous golden gown had cost 1.5 million naira. He ended the interview by gifting him 1 million naira to the delight of the comedian, Egungun.

“I spent over 6 million on my birthday party outfit” Bobrisky on his birthday bash.

Bobrisky had revealed the cost of his gorgeous birthday outfit. When asked by comedian and media personality, Egungun about the price of the outfits he he had on, Bobrisky had revealed that the hair was a whooping 1.8 million.

He also further spilled that his nails had cost 150, 000 while his beautiful gold embroidered gown had cost him 1.5 million naira. His Jewelries and other accessories all accumulated to over 6 million naira.

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