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Old and current photos of the girls who is fasting for 30 days spark reactions

Old and current photos of the girls who is fasting for 30 days spark reactions

Nigerians have expressed their concerns and bewilderment over an emerging old photo of Janet, a young lady who recently embarked on a 30-day dry fast in her room.

The image, originally shared by TikTok user @king_of_lambaa, has ignited a wave of reactions on social media, with many expressing worry about her condition.

The public found out about Janet’s fasting journey when her classmates visited her, and one of them chose to record the visit and share it online.

The video shared by @joyce_uguru shows Janet looking noticeably thinner and weaker, which has sparked concern among netizens who have left comments expressing their worries.

She wrote:

“This is how she now looks like. She’s now slimmer with no energy…”

Netizens Reactions…

@user8350435525537 said; “The Holy Spirit was with her I did a dry fast of 3 days Esther fast but I almost collapsed the last day but God’s grace walked with me I finished.”

@Blessed ghurl said; “She will be okay the lord has a reason why he instructed her to do so for the bible says man will not live on bread alone but by the word of God.”

@Anneka841 said; “My aunt did this for two months and now she is no more. She died Oct 5, 2023, she would tell us that she trusts in God.”

@CHERISH said; “Today ends her fasting, I pray God grant her all the strength she needs to recover.”

@Ego_Oyibo said: “My friend’s father tried this and almost died ☹️☹️. Nawao God is her strength.”

@Annabelw007 said; “Best way to loss weight omo I’m doing this God bless me I lose weight yi no pass like that.”

@user2413106823765 said: “Every new level in spirituality requires preparation. Her life would never be the same again…” 

@MARA CHI said; “Even God said do the right thing at the right time he no say overdo she sure say nah God voice she hear.”

Jude Ogbonna

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